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somehow my feet made it to tumblr and got reblogged 2066 times. pretty neat :P
Anonymous: hi! i was wondering which cameras do you own/use?! i love your photos by the way! :)

Hello! Thank you :) I owned a Nikon D60 when I first started taking photos then I upgraded to a Nikon D7000. And just a few months ago I switch completely to a Canon 5D Mark II and I really love it. I also shoot film with a Minolta SRT202. Other than that I just have a small collection of vintage cameras I have thrifted.

Anonymous: Hey! I love your photography, it's amazinggg ... but anyways, I wanted to ask if you knew the name of the type of photography where you dip it and then hang it up (something like that) just for curiosity .... and what kind of camera would you suggest for someone beginning that is not too expensive but still of good quality.. Thanks so much and once again I loveeeee your photography <3

Gosh I am so awful :P I have not ben on here in forever and therefore didn’t see your question! 
But thank you so much! I think you may be referring to the dark room process of developing prints from film negatives..? It all depends on what your looking for but I can highly suggest checking out this website for cameras that match what you want and to compare them
And thank you again <3 


Güngel Cabin is located in Hinterrhein, Switzerland, across from Einshorn Mountain in the Lepotine Alps, at 2000m above sea level.

Submitted by Austin Goldberg.

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Legs over High Tor by Paul Hill, 1975
❝ Sex is more than an act of pleasure, its’ the ability to be able to feel so close to a person, so connected, so comfortable that it’s almost breathtaking to the point you feel you can’t take it. And at this moment you’re a part of them.” -Leonardo da Vinci
❝ There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.
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